Bringing Your Moonshot into View with Focus.

We’ve previously talked about moonshots and how they can guide the trajectory of our goals and even our lives.  If we can choose the right moonshot, we can give ourselves much needed focus to get to our desired next level.




There are a lot of reasons why fictional portrayals are fun. One of the things about fiction that a lot of people enjoy is that it can stretch the limits of our imaginations.  In some cases, stretching our boundaries in such ways can change the way we focus on our lives.



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There’s this scene in one of my favorite (bad) action movies, Ninja Assassin.  We see the main character having a flashback of his childhood.  He was orphaned and brought to a monastery like compound to train with a clan of ninja.  As the head of the clan was giving the recruits his version of an introduction speech, he cuts his palm open with a knife.  He then closes his palm and focuses for a few seconds.  Then the head of the clan opens his palm to reveal a completely healed wound.



Ok, so we’re going to stop right there.  No.  No one is going to learn how to heal themselves mutant Hugh Jackman style from reading this post.  But, let’s allow our imaginations to run a little.  





Remember the question we posed last time, “What if this were easy?”


Well, what if healing ourselves were as easy as closing our eyes for a few seconds?   


Can you even imagine what you would need to do to acquire such a skill?  


The answer could be more straightforward than it seems:  Focus.


Imagine you were taken as a child to a compound in the middle of the mountains with no real chance of escape.  From an early age, you receive training in the art of combat and the art of invisibility.  From day one the idea is drilled into your head that you must focus.  Focus on the task at hand because one day the combat will be real and losing focus for a split second might jeopardize the entire mission.


Now, imagine that you are also taught to focus on healing and meditation with the same life and death intensity as your combat training.  Picture living in a place that doesn’t have modern medical miracles, and it is up to you to heal most of your wounds.  Imagine that you are in a world that has no distractions and no media of any kind.  Maybe you have old ninja scrolls to read.  But, that’s it.  


If it was your purpose to focus with the utmost intensity every single second of every single day, what could you accomplish?  


If you did that for 50 years, could you learn to heal yourself?  Maybe?  What if you did it for 100?    


Yes, that might seem a bit far off and still more or less impossible.  But, science has been able to show that we can consciously control our nervous and immune systems.  However, instead of putting ourselves in an extreme orphanage/combat environment to learn such a skill, we can put ourselves into the natural environment around us.


I’ve made a few references in the past about the man they call “The Iceman.”  WimHof is a self-taught guru of focus.  Yes, his physical feats against the cold seem much more superhuman than just employing willpower.  But, in numerous interviews with Wim, his message has stayed consistent; we can control so much with our minds.  We just have to be willing to put ourselves in the right situations to learn.


While the main character in Ninja Assassin had no choice over his situation, we do.  We can choose to venture into the cold and practice a method like Wim’s to learn how to focus and subsequently learn about ourselves.  We can take that ability to zero in on what’s important and put it to use in other aspects of our lives.


No, we probably won’t learn to heal ourselves after being impaled, but we’ll learn something.  And that something will be on the path to the moonshot that is the acquired ability to self-heal.  Remember that your moonshot can be anything.  You just have to be willing to put your time and energy into your pursuit.  


Aim for the moon, and you’ll land among the stars.


To which star will your focus take you?




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