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What is P5 Mobility?

Five dynamic movements designed to expand your body’s ranges of motion. Most static stretches target one muscle or area of the body. The P5 Mobility approach views the entire body as a single unit, using each of these drills to work on the body from multiple angles and through different muscle pathways. The goal is to help your body understand wider ranges of motion, allowing it to move MORE EFFICIENTLY.


Objective: Stretch anterior chain from the knee up through the hips and torso. This stretch is designed to show you where tension is carried in your anterior chain. Tight muscles may differ depending on the side you are working on.

Start on all fours. Place one shin against wall or couch, knee TOUCHING the wall.
Pick other foot up into 90 degree kneeling position. If you can’t get into position, use dumbell, foam roller, bench etc.. to elevate upper body until desired position is achieved.
Sit up as tall as possible.
Hold for 10 breaths and switch sides.


Objective: Improve lateral range of motion in hips. Pay attention to what parts are limiting movements in your hips. It could be your quads, calves, ankles or feet; not just your hips.

Start with feet about twice shoulder width apart.
While keeping weight on both feet as even as possible, shift hips to one side.
Straighten one knee while sitting back with the opposite hip. Hip should move back before same side knee moves forward.
Hold for a breath and switch sides doing 10 on each side.


Objective: Improve thoracic (upper back) mobility while lower body in a wide split stance. Be aware of where you feel tightness below your shoulders. This could mean ribcage, lower back, hips, quads or hamstrings.

Start in high plank position. Bring one foot forward in line with hands.
While keeping back knee straight, raise hand closest to forward foot overhead.
Remember to push yourself away from the floor with the other hand. Hold for a few seconds and return hand and forward foot to high plank position.
Alternate sides doing 10 on each side.

4. 90/90 PUSH UP

Objective: Improve hip and shoulder mobility. Feel for lines of tension through your hips, back, and shoulders.

Start with one leg externally rotated and one leg internally rotated in 90 degree angles on the floor.
Rotate torso towards externally rotated hip. Place hands on floor parallel to hip and thigh. Perform a push up with upper body while keeping feet, shins and knees in contact with floor. At bottom position of push up, individually slide each hand overhead, away from body. Return to start position and switch sides. Do 5 on each side.


Objective: Improve shoulder range of motion. With your lower body immobilized, you will feel where your torso is limiting your ability to extend your shoulder and get into overhead positions..

Start on your side and bring top knee to 90 degree angle.
Use hand closest to floor to keep knee on the floor. Raise opposite hand over head keeping it as close to the floor as possible.
Keeping the palm up reach back and then down towards hip and reverse direction. Do 5 full rotations on each side. Repeat for 3 sets each.

P5 is not just a system but a way of life.

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